Butter Shoyu Lemon Pasta with “SCALLOPS” by ⁡. Get Our new 100+ Delicious Veg…

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Butter Shoyu Lemon Pasta with “SCALLOPS” 🍋🍄 by veganhomecookings

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Added a creative twist to my pasta today. These scallops were made from King Oyster Mushroom 🍄 Yes, it’s already so popular among the vegans, but I’m posting the instructions for the beginner vegans 😊🌱

🍄King Oyster Mushroom Scallops
1 Remove the mushroom stems from the caps.
2 Slice the stems crosswise about 1 inch thick.
3 Score a crosshatch patterns on each side.
4 In a skillet heat olive oil, sauté mushroom scallops until both sides are golden brown
5 Sprinkle kelp powder or Dulles flakes add little water
6 Drop vegan butter, and sprinkle soy sauce

🍋Butter Shoyu Lemon Pasta
1 Cook pasta in a salted water until very al dente, about 2min less than package directions
2 Meanwhile, heat a skillet, melt vegan butter, add some olive oil, sauté whatever vegetables you have in a fridge (I used asparagus, and king oyster mushroom caps), sprinkle nutritional yeast, salt and pepper
3 Transfer cocked pasta to the skillet , add 1/4cup of pasta cooking water, drizzle shoyu (soy sauce), cook over high heat to emulsify, squeeze a lemon, add vegan butter, and toss until well coated
4 Serve with chopped fresh parsley, and extra lemon 🍋

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